Personalised Game Console & Controller Skins

No matter if you’re an Xbox One or PS4 player, we can all agree that we love our consoles. Why not go that extra step and create a custom game console skin to make sure you stand out from the pack?

Wrappz lets you design your own skin that will be 100% unique; Xbox One, PS4 Pro - we’ll print out a vinyl skin that will fit perfectly, ensuring your console looks fresh, individual, and is protected from scratches, scuffs and general wear-and-tear.

Our custom-made removable game console skins are manufactured using 3M vinyl, which is a thin yet tough material that looks incredible when applied to your trusty games machine. They’re quick and easy to apply, and if you need to remove them for whatever reason, you won’t be left with unsightly residue marks all over your console.

We’re proud to be gamers, and you should be too - design your own custom game console skin today with a little co-op help from Wrappz!

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